About us

Tiekuva, UAB, a stable and growing player in the international freight transportation business, was founded in 1993. The company’s main area of activity has changed over the years, and since 2010 we have only been involved in transport. We transport small, partial loads in Western Europe on a regular basis. We are continuously improving and expanding our services and strengthening our market position.

Our strength is our team of young but experienced professionals.

  • We ensure on-time delivery and provide comprehensive information about the ongoing transport operation. Each client’s insights, opinions and requests help us improve our transport services. Together, we look for the best solutions.
  • The company’s fleet consists of the latest vehicles, equipped with the most modern equipment. All new trucks are ordered with the largest possible cabs, autonomous air conditioning, reinforced body anchoring systems (XL certificate), pneumatic trailer uncoupling devices, rear and blind spot cameras.

  • In our day-to-day work, we keep abreast of new developments and use innovative technologies to carry out tasks faster and more conveniently. We aim to digitise processes so that clients receive timely information, services and documents.
  • We strive to create a great atmosphere and improve the working and resting conditions of our employees. Professional and motivated drivers, a responsible team and well-maintained vehicles and equipment ensure the quality of our services.
  • Our accumulated knowledge and experience, as well as our organised distribution of work, enable us to operate successfully and to carry out our tasks promptly and effectively. Tiekuva, UAB – a professional, reliable and responsible partner.

Truck fleet

Our vehicle fleet is constantly being upgraded and expanded. The majority of the fleet is made up of Volvo trucks. The black cab and red trailer are the distinctive colours of Tiekuva vehicles.

The dimensions of the big trucks are the same:

  • 7.35 m, 8.15 m long,
  • 2.48–2.5 m wide,
  • vehicle height 2.92–2.95 m,
  • trailer height 3.00–3.15 m.


We aim to grow consistently and steadily every year, providing career opportunities and better conditions for employees to excel in our company. Achieving these goals requires not only doing a good job in what you currently do, but also getting out of your comfort zone. Only by being vigilant and keeping up with new market trends will we be able to be successful. There will be many challenges and problems ahead, but we must learn from every situation, keep in mind the fundamental values of integrity and believe in what we do.

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